Pregnancy massage is relaxing, safe and very effective in addressing fatigue and stress, boosting your energy levels and helping you to feel your best. Your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and some women find that these changes can be uncomfortable.  Regular massage can be a great way to relieve the strains and other problems associated with pregnancy.


Massage can be given safely after the first trimester, right up until your baby's birth. If you are having a difficult pregnancy or have certain health problems, massage might not be appropriate. You are advised to discuss this with your midwife or doctor who may need to give their approval prior to a treatment. Further information on this can be found on my website.

Pregnancy Massage Gift Voucher

  • Once ordered and paid for vouchers can be collected from the reception desk of the venue or posted on request. 

  • Please use the contact form to request which vouchers you would like to order.