the new massage?


NO HANDS massage now accounts for at least 70% of the treatments I give. It's extremely popular, so why is it so popular and what exactly is NO HANDS massage all about?

It's not elbows and yes there is touch!

NO HANDS massage is deep, releasing, rejuvenating and nourishing. It is a dynamic form of massage that is becoming popular across the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic massage treatments available.

It is massage that works on every level:


Physical - Energetic - Emotional - Mental - Spiritual 

If you're not using your hands what do you use?

Elbows? No we don't use elbows unless you want deep tissue work.


Is it that wafty stuff where you just hover your hands over the body? - No it's definitely not that, there is touch involved! 


NO HANDS massage is a technique developed by Gerry Pyves a massage therapist and psychotherapist, who developed repetitive strain injury after years of massaging and could no longer use his hands. Rather than lose his clients, he developed over many, many years, a range of techniques using primarily the soft part of his forearm. Using the forearm ensures the strokes are always soft, but what about depth? When you go for a NO HANDS massage you will see the massage table is set up very low, much lower than conventional massage, this is so the therapist can use their bodyweight to get the depth.

This means it can be both deeper and more relaxing than conventional Massage and for this reason it has been called the Gentle Giant of Massage.


The NO HANDS 4Elements massage takes this further and aims to rebalance the body through the ancient healing power of touch using different types of touch. So the massage is always soft but can be very deep or light, slow or fast, the choice is yours. 

Why have a regular NO HANDS massage? Massage has a cumulative effect. Just like going to the gym, where you can reach a level of fitness, but need to maintain it by regular visits. Massage can help to make you feel good, but the feelings and benefits last longer by continuing to have regular treatments. Your body 'remembers’ how good it felt after the previous session, and automatically starts to release tension the moment you get on the table! This means that your third session is much more effective than your first. This is just how 'touch medicine’ works and it is probably the most ancient medicine on the planet. 

This is Massage for life, not just for the odd injury or occasional pampering, but Massage to help your journey through life.  Words and pictures cannot do justice to the power of this ‘New Massage’ – you can only understand it by feeling it.


Where to start?


The best place to start is to simply book in and experience a treatment.



Still not sure, or have a specific question? Then please do get in touch.