Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a very gentle, rhythmic style of massage that improves lymph circulation and the body's immunity against infection.


Lymphatic massage has powerful cleansing, relaxing and pain-relieving effects that can be very effective in maintaining overall health and well-being. It is a completely natural treatment which aids the body's own healing processes.

Our Lymphatic System


Lymphatics is an amazing system which works to provide immunity against disease and facilitate the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from the body.


It is a complex network of fluid-filled nodes, glands and tubes that bathe our cells and carries the body's 'sewage' away from the tissues and neutralises it. Lymph carries cells throughout our bodies that search for and destroy bacteria, viruses, toxins and waste.


The lymphatic system also helps to circulate fluids, proteins, hormones and immune cells that are vital to maintaining physiological well-being and balance.


As the lymphatic system lacks a central pump like the heart, it depends on other factors such as muscle contraction, movement, respiration, gravity and massage to stimulate lymph circulation. 

This is a specialised, gentle massage using hand rhythm, pressure and sequence applied on the skin to encourage the natural flow of lymph. Compared to usual massage, the pressure applied is very light as the massage works at skin level affecting the lymphatic structures located in the subcutaneous tissue below.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is thought to speed up the removals of wastes and fluids 20x faster!

Who Can Benefit?


Lymphatic massage can be beneficial for people who

  • feel tired, worn-out or run down

  • want to detox and boost their immune system

  • suffer regularly from allergies or sinus congestion

  • have long term pain, such as fibromyalgia

  • have recurring colds, infections or viruses

  • have low energy, depression, digestive disorders or are stressed

  • suffer with swollen feet or hands, or water retention

  • pre or post surgery, in particular where lymph nodes have  been removed or impaired in some way.

  • would like to improve the appearance of their skin.

The Benefits 


  • Enhances the efficiency of our immune system

  • Helps speed up the body's healing processes

  • Helps to reduce pain and swelling

  • It is deeply relaxing and effective in the treatment of stress

  • Improves the appearance and health of the skin.




Manual Lymph Facial Rejuvenation massage - 40 mins - £45

This can also be combined with the Natural Lift Facial Massage - 70 mins - £60


Typically after a treatment, you can expect the skin to look clearer and feel softer, eyes to be brighter, dark areas below the eyes to lighten, puffiness and congestion to reduce and have a more defined jaw-line. 

General Wellness / Detox / Improve energy

Full Body manual lymphatic drainage massage - 80 mins - £65

Specific Conditions - pre/post- surgery, fibromyalgia 

Consultation and 45 minutes treatment - £45

If you have chronic lymphedema please consult with your medical specialist prior to booking an appointment.