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4Elements Massage

Healing touch that balances the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water


Each Elemental Massage works differently with your body's energy systems. Each treatment gives your body a chance to rebalance itself. Each element is used to simply describe a different type of touch. With Earth, for example, the speed and depth of touch is slow and deep, whilst with Air it is still and light. There are no hidden 'faux spiritual' undertones to this approach it is purely about the speed and depth of the bodywork.


A great deal of structural imbalance and muscular pain is simply the result of accumulated tension. The most common physical signs of this are shoulder, back and neck tensions. This can block our energy so we often feel tired. The Fire Massage will loosen the joints and stretch the muscles back into their natural elasticity. There is no pain and no discomfort - only deep release. When the muscles are freed up to go back to their normal positions, the spine lengthens and straightens itself naturally. Health and energy can then return. This treatment has a wide variety of speed and depth.


So much of our tension actually originates in the mind. This treatment soothes and calms the mind with the gentle but deep strokes that are unique to NO HANDS Massage. This treatment is like a relentless hypnotism of the body. Such overwhelmingly powerful strokes that continuously ebb and flow across your body can facilitate the release of all the muscles in your body. This deep and powerful Water Massage is the perfect way to soothe and destress.


So many health issues arise from a ‘disconnect’ between the mind and body. This deep and slow treatment will help you to re-connect with your body and with yourself. This is a powerful treatment that will ‘ground’ and ‘Earth’ your mind and your body. There is no other treatment anywhere in the world that will apply so much weight and power to your body with such gentleness and safety. If you ever feel the need to ‘slow down’ and breathe more deeply, then this Earth Massage treatment is for you.


Sometimes we may just need calm and stillness. A great deal of illness is the result of exhaustion and burn out. We simply run out of energy. The body’s ‘energy bank’ has been so depleted that we feel like we are ‘running on empty’. The still and gentle Air Massage allows the body time and space to repair itself. The last thing we need is for what little energy we have to be ‘shoved around’ and ‘spent’ with a normal Massage. What we need is the calm stillness of repletion so that our body’s natural reservoirs of energy can once again begin to fill. This treatment is typified by stillness and a light, gentle, warming touch.

And if you can't decide don't forget you can just book a 4Elements massage to experience all four.

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